Nuxiba Reminder HM's Simple and Affordable Pricing

No Set Up Fees — Cancel Anytime

Pay for a year up front and save 20% off the total price, plus you get all your credits up front!


Unlimited Contacts

“Do Not Call” List SetUp

Text-to-Speech Support

Customer Support

Record InBound Calls Free

Real Time Reports

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How many contacts are included in each plan?

Reminder HM allows UNLIMITED contacts. You will never be charged a contact fee.

How are calls billed?

All calls are billed in sixty-second increments, from pickup to hang-up. We bill the length of the call, and not the length of the message that you are sending. This means, for example, that messages left with answering machines will last longer than calls that are answered live. The per-minute cost of the call will depend on the billing plan that you choose.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes! You can change your plan anytime.

Are international calls included?

Your plan includes calls to the US and Canada. We do not currently support international text messages.